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Trees In The Round

“Pep Ventosa's tree portraits are composed of multiple photographs, shot as he circles the subject. Catalonia-born Ventosa photographs trees in cities around the world, then superimposes the different views to produce images that read like paintings.”  — Garden Design Magazine

East Bay
New York, Three
Golden Gate Park, One
Sonoma, Two
Durhamstown Castle
Potrero Hill, Seven
Prague, Five
Dewey Boulevard
Golden Gate Park, Eleven
Central Park, Six
Golden Gate Park, Seven
Santa Cruz, Two
Pierce Street
SFSU, Five
Carrer de Tantarantana, One
Big Sur, One
Prague, Two
Castro, Seven
Missouri Street, One
John D Morgan Park
Golden Gate Park, Six
Sonoma, Six
Golden Gate Park, Four
Henry Kaiser Park
Prague Portheimka Park, One
Kilkenny Castle
Cal Cerdà, Two
Stanford, Five
Precita Avenue
San Tomas Park
Stanford, Two
Santa Cruz, Eight
Treasure Island, One
Haight & Ashbury
Berkeley, One
Walnut Creek, Four
Mardi Gras Bead Tree
Palo Alto, One
Heywood Garden
SFSU, Three
Central Park, Four
Santa Cruz, Eleven
Stanford, One