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Reconstructed Works

“To capture a glimpse of Venice, Barcelona or New York, the artist Pep Ventosa is not satisfied with a single snapshot. He makes ten, twenty, thirty, to create an impossible mosaic.” — la Repubblica, Italy

“Every detail is narcotic.” — AZART PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine, France

Fondamenta dei Felzi, Venice
Broadway Morning, San Francisco
Golden Gate Panoramic, San Francisco
Rambla Catalunya, Barcelona
Olmsted Point, Yosemite
San Gregorio Beach
Bay Bridge & Pilings, San Francisco
Times Square, New York
Rio di San Giovanni Laterano, Venice
Brooklyn Bridge Crossing, New York
Emerald Bay Morning, Lake Tahoe
Rio di San Polo, Venice
Golden Gate from the North
California Street, San Francisco
Delft Vermeer, One
From Verde Road
Groenburgwal, Amsterdam
Orange Trolley
Leiden Rembrandt, Two
La Tour Eiffel, Paris
Wildflower Blooms
San Francisco Skyline
Leiden Rembrandt, One
Yellow Trolley
Rio de la Madoneta, Venice
Kirby Cove, San Francisco
Place Dauphine, Paris
Riva di Biasio, Venice
Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Scotty Creek Beach
The Lake at Heywood Gardens