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McWay Waterfall, Big Sur
San Gregorio Beach
Emerald Bay Morning
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
The Red Cliffs of Moss Beach
San Francisco Belle
Cuyler Harbor
Golden Gate Panoramic
From Verde Road
Leiden Rembrandt, Two
Kerry Cliffs
Little River State Beach
Rio di San Giovanni Laterano
Balmoral, Bristol
Scotty Creek Beach
Cherry Cove
Kirby Cove
The Lake at Heywood Gardens
Fort Ross Cove
Stow Lake Pagoda
Toronto Island Ferry
The Tower Bridge
Fondamenta Ognissanti
Golden Gate from the North
Riva di Biasio
Rio di San Polo
The Sydney Opera House
Santa Monica Pier, California
Mendocino Headlands State Park
Sydney Ferry
Triptych Gazos Creek
Triptych Gazos Creek 1
Triptych Gazos Creek 2
Triptych Gazos Creek 3